SunShield, 16 oz.

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Howard's SunShield is a unique blend of carnauba wax, beeswax, orange oil, and an UV inhibitor that can protect the wood finish and help prevent the wood from sun fade.  SunShield would be a great finish for any projects that will be placed outdoors or that are exposed to direct sunlight.  SunShield could be used on woodburning (pyrography) projects to help keep the wood from darkening and to help prevent the woodburning itself from fading over time.

SunShield can easily be applied to a clean, dry surface.  Let it penetrate for 30 minutes and then wipe off excess with a soft cloth.  SunShield does protect against humidity, but will not "water-proof" wood or protect it from standing water.  Sold in a 16 ounce container.  SunShield can only be shipped by Ground shipping (additional shipping will be applied at checkout) and cannot be shipped internationally.