Howard Feed-N-Wax, 16 oz

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Howard's Feed-N-Wax is one of the crown jewels of the Howard line of wood finishes.  Feed-N-Wax is a wood polish and a conditioner.  The conditioning oils "feed" the wood to help bring out the natural beauty and depth of grain while the unique blend of carnauba wax and beeswax allows the surface to be polished to a soft luster. Feed-N-Wax can be applied to both unfinished and finished surfaces. 

Application of Feed-N-Wax is easy.  Make sure the surface is clean.  Saturate a soft cloth with Feed-N-Wax and wipe evenly on the wood surface.  Let stand for at least 20 minutes and then wipe off the excess.  Polish with a clean, soft cloth.

Howard's Feed-N-Wax is sold in an 16 ounce container. Feed-N-Wax can only be shipped by Ground Transportation (extra shipping fees applied at checkout) and cannot be shipped internationally.