Citrus-Shield Premium Paste Wax, 11 oz

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Howard's Citrus-Shield Premium Paste Wax conditions and enhances the natural beauty of wood grain on both finished and unfinished woods.  Citrus-Shield contains Brazilian Carnauba wax which is the hardest natural wax available.  It will polish and protect wood and will buff to a brilliant, long-lasting shine. It can used on painted surfaced, finished and unfinished woods, concrete, marble, and even metal.

Application of Citrus-Shield is easy.  Make sure the surface is clean.  Use a soft cloth and apply a thin, even coat of Citrus-Shield in a circular motion to a small area at a time.  Let dry for 3-5 minutes and buff with a clean, soft cloth. We think you will be impressed with the results.  Citrus-Shield is sold in an 11 ounce package.  Citrus-Shield can only be shipped by Ground Transportation (extra shipping fees applied at checkout) and cannot be shipped internationally.