Razertip Wood Burning Kit

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Get everything you need to get started in woodburning. This kit includes the Razertip Single Burner, 3 Woodburning Pens (Heavy Duty Large Skew, Heavy Duty Shader, and Writing Ball Pen), Graphite Transfer paper, heavy duty cord, and the Pyrography Workbook. This woodburning kit gives you all the basic tools and supplies for doing a wide variety of woodburning projects.

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    Razertip Wood Burnling kit SK

    Posted by Craig Nelson on Mar 31st 2023

    just received it ,have not tried it out yet

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    New Kit pretty good

    Posted by phillip vouers on Mar 19th 2021

    I am just learning but the unit seems to work very well. The only complaint I have is that the finish on the case is real blotchy. It looks like the decal was affixed badly. It is definitely UNDER the decal because you cannot clean it off. Everything else is fine but for 200 dollars it just isn't pretty.

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    Razortip special starter kit compiled by Treeline

    Posted by Joseph on Aug 6th 2020

    I have dabbled in burning designs into wood since I was a kid - using a magnifying glass, a burning match or the tip of a blown-out match, a hot poker from a fire, or a soldering iron. All of those methods were slow and imprecise. Not so with the Razertip in this kit. It is hot in seconds and renders precise control with correspondingly beautiful marks.
    I dove into wood carving a few months ago. It took only a short time to realize that woodburning is an important element in one's arsenal of finishing carved wood. I studied carefully the requirements of good woodburning in support of carving and realized that Razertip's burner design fits my wants and needs perfectly. Curved wire shaped into countless shapes is the desired way to enhance many carvings. Most kits do not have this capability. Many that do come from countries of unknown origin. Razertip comes from Canada. No patent or copyright infringement like items coming from China.
    This particular kit has the three tips that will be most useful to me: a ballpoint for writing (I use it to burn my signature into completed carvings), a heavy-duty shader, and a form-it-how-you-want-it replaceable tip pen. At first, I was disappointed to receive that last-mentioned pen, because I expected a skew (which I intended to use more than the other two items). However, I discovered wisdom in including this pen in a basic kit: I can make sharper marks with it and get into tighter spaces than I can with the large skew. Do this by either shaping the wire or buying an inexpensive small or medium skew tip. That pen with replaceable tips will let me buy many tips and make even more. Making my own tips was a concept that hadn't occurred to me, but now I am excited about the possibilities!
    I have only burned one carving, so far. But I held off painting until I had the burning kit.
    The pens cool off fast! Almost as fast as they heat up. and the electrical control unit has two pen holders. One can hold a hot pen while the other grips a cooling pen if you wish.
    The book on woodburning is an important piece of the kit. It is an excellent introduction to the vast world of possibilities offered by a good wood burner.
    Even though I have only used this kit on one carving to date, I am satisfied that I made the right purchasing decision.
    By the way, my trained specialty is leading teams through creative problem-solving. I am trained in decision-making theory and practice. I used that training to select this kit.
    Happy pyrography!

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    Love it!

    Posted by Samantha Sanchez on Feb 9th 2020

    This is my first professional wood burner (switching from a cheap $20 burner I used for over 5 years). I love it! I knew it was going to be way better than my last burner but I was so surprised and happy with this! So smooth and easy to use.