Razertip Dual Burner Basic Woodburning Kit

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The Razertip Dual Burner Basic Woodburning Kit gives you everything you need to get started in woodburing. Razertip is the best burner on the market and will spoil you if you have used anything else. The power the Razertip burner has is incredible.  The pens heat up in just a few seconds and it has amazing heat recovery. The variable temperature control allows you to burn the finest details and even has the power to make bold textures when you need to burn deep. The Razertip Dual Burner also has a Low-End Heat Adjustment that gives you even more control in the lower ranges.

We put this kit together to include the most versatile style of pens. Between the 4 complete pens you will be able to make just about any type of texture you might need.  The Large Skew and Medium knife will allow you to make the finest of lines (like hair, feathers, and fur).  With the ball pen you will be able to write, outline, make curved lines, stipple and even do a little shading.  With the Bent Round Shader you can shade in broad areas and burn soft tones in your project when you do not need crisp features (this pen is great for portraits!)  You can always pick up additional pens later, but these pens really are a great way to start! 

Razertip has a complete 1 year warranty on the pens and a 3 year warranty on the power supply. Its reputation in the woodburning community is incredible and recommended for both beginner and advanced burners.  Pick up this kit and see just how fun woodburning can be!

Kit Includes:

  • Razertip Dual Woodburner
  • 2 Heavy Duty Cords
  • Heavy Duty Large Skew
  • Heavy Duty Small Knife
  • Heavy Duty Bent Round Shader
  • 1/32" Ball Pen