Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver

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(Angle Grinder Sold Separately) We watched this unit in action at the Cologne Woodworking show, where a Swedish craftsman was shaping 36" sea horses out of 2" thick Baltic Birch plywood. We were amazed at the control of this tool; the easy way he handled it, and the quality of the cuts. We have tested the chain saw type carvers on the market and were unimpressed by the noise, the grabbing and jumping of the tool and the rough surface quality which required extensive sanding. We feel the Arbortech Woodcarver is the finest on the market, and highly recommend it. The Arbortech Woodcarver is a versatile attachment which fits most 4 and 4.5 inch angle grinders. To use the Arbortech Woodcarver, the angle grinder must have the following: a guard that can be rotated and adjusted to 45 degrees , an auxiliary handle, an on/off switch positioned on the top or side, and at least 500 watts power. The Woodcarver should be used with the Arbortech Pro-Guard.