Arbortech Contour Sander

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Arbortech Random Contour Sander

The new Arbortech Contour Sander is a 2” random orbital sander that mounts onto any 4 ½” angle grinder. The sander is a random orbital sander, meaning that it will not leave circular scratches in the wood which are quickly picked up by the eye, but instead it leaves a nice polished surface free from defects. The sanding pad is soft enough to conform to uneven surfaces but rigid enough to quickly sand and polish. Sanding discs are available in an assorted pack or as individual grits from 80 to 600 grit and attach with a light adhesive backing. The Contour Sander is perfect for freeform bowls and carvings. Fits any angle grinder with a 5/8” spindle. Kit comes with 21 assorted sanding discs.