SculpWood Putty

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SculpWood Putty is a moldable epoxy putty that can be sanded, carved, and painted once it is dry. It will form a permanent bond to most rigid surfaces and will allow you to rebuild, construct, and repair areas on your woodcarvings. SculpWood is a 2 part putty that is easily mixed together and gives you up to 4 hours to work with (at 75 degrees) before the final cure. Once it hardens, it is incredibly durable (actually, stronger than we thought it would be). SculpWood does not shrink, crack, or become brittle once cured.

SculpWood is useful for many general woodworking projects (repairing doors, windows, rotten wood, etc), but some of the ways woodcarvers can use SculpWood are:

  • Rebuilding areas of carvings that have been damaged, missing, or need to be recarved
  • Constructing antlers, branches, and other thin projects that may be too fragile to make out of wood
  • Great for coating over wire armatures for thin projects.
  • Insetting eyes into birds, animals, or fish
  • Filling cracks and voids


SculpWood is easy to use and incredibly helpful whenever a repair or reconstruction of a project is needed.