Router Base for NSK Presto

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Router Base for FOR NSK PRESTO (Formally called the Grip Guide)

The New Router Base for NSK Presto (formally called the Grip Guide) was designed by renowned teacher and artist, Keith Hone for carving on gunstocks, gourds, and it is the ultimate accessory for high speed handpieces. This router base allows the user to outline with curved or straight lines, relieve and texture with the NSK Presto tool to a precise depth that can be duplicated every time. It can be used with one hand or two hands for steadier work and it can also be used with guides to make perfectly straight lines. It makes the NSK Presto tool even easier to use and much more versatile. If you own a high speed pneumatic handpiece, such as the NSK Presto, this accessory is an absolute must have. This Router Base has been sized to fit the NSK Presto tool. Handpiece sold separately.