Owls Pattern Book, Vol. 1

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Owls, Vol. 1

Finding good quality patterns of wildlife is very difficult. Kelly Thurgood has spent thousands of hours in the mountains searching for the best reference material available. He is an professional woodcarver, bronze sculpture artist and avid photographer. He understands the details a woodcarver, engraver, or pyrographer needs. The Owls pattern book has 20 different full color photos along with a black and white pattern for each shot in the owl's natural habitat. This book includes patterns for Burrowing Owls, Barn Owls, and Great Horn Owls. This collection is perfect for gun stock carvers, relief carvers, engravers, and really anyone who needs patterns or reference material for some of North America's Owls. Simply transfer the pattern using stencil film or graphite transfer paper and you have a perfect pattern to work with. Book measures 6 1/4" x 8 1/4" and is coil bound for convenient pattern copying.