New Razertip High Output Single Burner - SL1

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Razertip has taken a great tool and made it even better.  The New Razertip High Output Single Burner (SL1) is the most powerful burner Razertip has ever made (almost 2 times more powerful than Razertip's original burner). The dial allows for 99 unique heat settings and with this incredible heat range (75 - 1650 degrees F), you can burn both intricate details and even burn deep textures easily. The heat recovery with this new machine is amazing! The New Razertip Single Burner comes with a heavy duty cord and your choice of either a Razertip Large Skew pen or the BPH (interchangeable tip) pen and it is compatible with all other Razertip pens. The burner also comes with Razertip's exceptional warranty.  3 years on the power supply and 1 year on the pen.  (The manufacturer recommends a max heat setting of 60 when using Standard Duty Pens)