Micro Motor Grip Guide

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The Micro Motor Grip Guide is finally here! Micro motor users have asked for a router base attachment to use with their handpieces to carve areas at a consistent depth. The Micro Motor Grip guide helps to control and steady the hand, keeps the tool perpendicular for cutting borders and outlines, controls depth of cut, allows for repeatability for relieving backgrounds. It is great for repetitive patterns such as stippling. The grip guide easily mounts to most handpieces that have a 13/16" OD (+/- 1/8") handpiece (like the OZ Plus) or with the included shim most handpieces that have a 5/8" OD (+/- 1/8") handpiece (like the Ram, Saeshin Strong, etc). This tool is a must have for anyone who owns a micro motor tool! Handpiece not included.