Brass Inlay Powder (8 oz)

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Metal inlay powder can transform a piece of wood that is boring, cracked, and/or defective into a beautiful piece of art. This fine metal powder can fill cracks and voids in the wood or can even be filled into carved designs.  It looks beautiful! It is easy and quite inexpensive to use, but adds unique interest and value to your projects.  8 ounces of material included.

You can apply the metal inlay powder to your project in a couple different ways.  You can simply dry pack the metal inlay into the voids or carved areas and then apply the Hot Stuff Original CA glue over the top. When hardened just sand smooth.  You can also mix the metal inlay powders with epoxy to make a paste and then scrape into the voids.  When it dries just sand until it is flush and smooth. This inlay powder is a simple way to really make a project stand out!