How to Start Power Carving

Posted by PJ Peery on Jun 18th 2020

We have met many carvers who have loved handcarving but for various reasons they want (or need) to start power carving. Power carving has many advantages. Using a rotary tool allows you to carve in just about any material (hard or soft), it allows you to remove wood quickly and on any part of the grain, it allows you to make softer textures which really helps when carving more realistic projects, and power carving requires much less hand strength. Many carvers even use a combination of power and hand carving (like having the best of two worlds).

Most of these carvers are not certain what tool to get, what bits to use, what wood carves best, and how to power carve safely. In this video we will explain the answers to these questions so you can feel confident knowing you are getting the right supplies to start power carving.

Tools used in this video:

Rotary Carving Tools (Micro Motor and Foredom)

Roughing Bits

Fluted Carbide Bits

Diamond Bits

Bit Sets

Razaire Dust Collector