New Arbortech Precision Carving System

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The New Precision Carving System is the latest power carving innovation from Arbortech. This 4 piece precision set will open the door to more intricate Arbortech power carving, detailing, and texturing. It includes a Universal Base that when fitted to the Power Carving Unit or a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a 5/8" spindle (most common in the US), allows users to interchange the precision carving and sanding bits to carver smaller radii, intricate details, and fine textures in wood.

The kit comes with:

Universal Base: This base will thread onto an angle grinder (4 1/2" with 5/8" spindle) or Arbortech's Power Carving Unit and allows you to interchange between 3 different precision bits. It is a slim base to allow for additional reach and control.

Precision Ball Gouge: Based on the popular Ball Gouge, this scaled down version enables users to shape smaller radii and get into even tighter spaces. The Ball Gouge is 1/2" Diameter.

Precision Barrel Carver: Controlled carving on the outside of the barrel can create right angle corners and provides great access into tight spaces. The Precision Barrel Carver can be used on the side at an angle or upright to bore down into wood.  Barrel Carver is 5/8" Diameter and 5/8" Long.

Precision Drum Sander: Finish where the Barrell Carver leaves off with the Drum Sander's high and low grit sanders. Ideal for finishing and polishing after carving with the Barrel Carver.  Both 60 and 120 grit spiral sanders are included.  Sanding sleeve is 1/2" Diameter and 3/4" Long.