6 pc Stubai Wide Format Euro Carving Set

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Sometimes you are working on a project that needs quite a bit of material to be removed.  The Wide Format Euro Set comes with 6 larger profiles to help remove material a little faster.  This set comes with a 60 Deg 10mm V Tool and 5 other gouges (#3 20mm, #5 12mm, #7 14mm, #9 10mm, and #11 6mm).  This set also includes a 6 pocket tool rool to safely store your tools.

Stubai tools are hand forged in Austria from some of the highest quality of steel in the industry. The metal is hardened to a 59-61R and designed to hold an incredible edge.  The Euro tools are an excellent alternative for those who prefer the longer handles over a traditional palm tool. They are long enough to be able to use 2 hands and short enough where you can hold closer to the end and to be used like palm tool. You can also use a mallet with the Euro tools if needed. Stubai Euro tools can be used for just about any type of carving. Overall length varies between 8" and 9". Substitutions may occur for a similiar gouge if a tool is out of stock.  We are now having our Stubai tools professionally sharpened in the USA prior to shipping.