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THIS IS A REPLACEMENT SILICON CARBIDE WHEEL ONLY. Abrasive impregnated paper wheels are one of the fastest ways to put a razor edge on edge tools such as knives, carving chisels, plane irons, scissors etc.! We were so impressed with this system that we set one up in our shop for daily use.This system is all that you need to put a razor edge on all of your edged tools. The system includes two laminated paper wheels, one for shaping and one for polishing which fit any 1/2" arbor bench grinder or motor. Included are instructions for mounting on 5/8" arbors as well. We recommend a motor with a speed of 3450 RPM. The silicon carbide shaping compound and wax lubricant will restore the edge to its original condition as well as minimizing the chance of bluing" the edge. The wax acts as a lubricant and a cooling agent by reducing friction during the shaping operation. A few light passes on the silicon carbide wheel is usually enough to restore the edge and put a light burr or wire edge on the tool. Then, polish the wire edge off with the jewelers rouge polishing wheel. It's that simple! The Deluxe Sharpening kit comes complete with shaping and polishing wheels, extra silicon carbide abrasive (enough for 30 coatings), jewelers rouge, conditioning wax and complete instructions for installing, and sharpening with the Razor Sharp Edgemaking System.