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We have had many customers ask what they can use to finish larger bowls and carvings prior to adding a coat of finish and the Wave Sanding System is the answer. Designed as a non-aggressive finishing system, the wavy edge design of the Wave sanding discs eliminates the ridges frequently caused by traditional round discs while producing an excellent finish. "Fingers" around the disc gently blend surfaces in trouble areas where stationary sanding is required. The system consists of a Disc Holder, Backing Pad and the sanding disc. The Disc Holder goes in any drill, cordless or corded, and the backing pads support the entire surface of the disc by matching the profile of the disc. Pads are available in either Firm or Soft. The Firm pads have a white foam layer that can be compressed about 50% for more aggressive sanding and the Soft pads can be compressed almost 100% for non-aggressive sanding in areas with tighter contour. Available in 2" or 3" sizes.