Work Lamp

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The extra long 24" flexible arm on the Work Lamp gives you the extra reach and wide range of motion not offered by 18" work lamps and is guaranteed to stay put, period. This durable lamp will handle up to a 100 watt bulb while the built in heat sink makes sure the lamp stays cool to the touch, even after extended use. The shade can be rotated up to 1 1/2 times while unlimited rotation is available at the base of the lamp. The Work Lamp features a quick connect coupler that allows you to move the lamp from one location to another. The optional Clamping Base allows you to mount the work lamp on the edge of a workbench, while the Magnetic Base with its 100 pounds of pull is ideal for mounting directly to a metal surface. Satisfaction guaranteed. Made in the USA. UL listed. Included are one bench mount base, one right angle bracket, mounting screws, mounting stud, 6' grounded power cord and toggle switch. Bulb not included.