Turquoise Inlace

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Inlace is an easy to use inlay material that will add color and a new sense of excitement to walking sticks, canes or carvings. Stunning decorative effects can be obtained by filling natural holes and small cracks as well as filling carved areas and using Inlace as a decorative inlay material. Inlace is excellent for simulating inlaid crushed stone. Select the color of your choice, add a few drops of catalyst and mix into a paste-like consistency. Apply the Inlace to the desired areas and it will set up in 10 to 15 minutes and is hard enough to be smoothed and sanded in 4 hours. Inlace is not abrasive to your tools and is finished with typical wood finishing techniques and materials. Inlace does not absorb moisture, shrink or expand and colors can be mixed or used in combination for different effects. Hardener and complete instructions are included. 8 oz. package.