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Make your Dremel tool much more versatile with this reciprocating handpiece attachment. This reciprocating handpiece is the same as the one we offer for the Foredom tool but it has an attached shaft and collet to fit most Dremel rotary tools. This reciprocating handpiece comes with 5 chisels and a wrench and it will accept all of the reciprocating gouges from Flexcut (recommended). The reciprocating handpiece for the Dremel will fit Dremel models: 4200*, 4000, 400, 3000, 300, 398, 395, 200, 285, 100, 275, 8220, 8200, 800. *Compatible with the 4200 when used with the 4200 Attachment Adapter found in your Dremel 4200 kit.

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    Posted by olga Irizarry on May 15th 2021

    great piace of equipment for carver!

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    Reciprocating hand carvers for Dremel

    Posted by Tom Williamson on Jul 2nd 2020

    As I get older my hands have less grip and strength. The Reciprocating flexible shaft carvers allows me to do more carving in less pain and stress on my joints! It also creates less dust which is an nice extra feature! I keep the blades sharp which works a hot knife in butter! I am very happy and satisfied with this addition to my arsenal of carving tools! TreelineUSA goes the second mile to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase! Thank you! I'll be back!!!

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    Reciprocating hand carvers for Dremel

    Posted by Tom Williamson on May 1st 2020

    I've been carving since high school and have used mostly hand chisels, small and large grinders to remove wood quickly which creates saw dust! The hand piece creates chips which is easier to clean up! It's easier on my hands! Also removes wood quickly! I'm happy I found this tool to add to my resources! This company has been very helpful! Thank you for the quick delivery and support!

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    Reciprocating Handpiece for Dremel

    Posted by Kenneth Peercy on Apr 18th 2020

    I am a 67 year old wood carver with some hand strength issues. I subscribe to Treeline on YouTube and first discovered this product by watching PJ Peery demonstrate it. I liked it. When I received my new tool I attached it to my Dremel and inserted the largest gouge and began power carving. It was just as PJ demonstrated.
    After using it for several minutes, it became warm as I expected. I didn’t expect grease/oil to leak out a little bit from the handle. I emailed Treeline and inquired if this was normal breaking-in occurrence or if I received a “lemon”.
    That same day I received an email response to explain that this was a breaking-in process. I wiped the thick oil away and continued to power carve, allowing the hand piece to cool after a good amount of carving.
    Bottom line; I am excited about this hand piece and recommend it for others with strength issues in their hands. Also, Treeline has outstanding customer service,

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    Wish I found this earlier

    Posted by Chris on Nov 8th 2019

    I have always wanted to carve but I have carpal tunnel in my hands. I know this handpiece is not for steel inlay but I intend on getting carbide inserts and trying it. The price is not super cheap or very high it is just right. You get what you pay for.