New Arbortech Allsaw AS175

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New Arbortech Allsaw AS175 Brick and Mortar Saw

The New Arbortech Allsaw AS175 has been engineered for the most rugged environments. It has been designed to significantly improve safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, motar and more. The New Allsaw AS175 will cut deep, square and with precision. The AS175 comes with the new, powerful 1400 watt motor and the newly designed dust boot for increased dust control.

The Arbortech Allsaw AS175 Kit includes:

  • Power 1400 watt Allsaw
  • General Purpose Blades
  • Plunge Blades
  • Head Joint Blades
  • Standard Dust Boot (for use with Head Joint, Heritage, and Tuckpointing blades)
  • New Heavy Duty Dust Boot
  • Ian Key
  • Spare Bolts
  • Arbortech Carry Bag

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