Backyard Birds

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You see some of these birds all the time—so why not learn how to carve and paint them? In articles taken from Wildfowl Carving Magazine, some of the world’s top wildfowl carvers will show you how to carve and paint the very birds you see perched on your feeder in the morning. You’ll find carving and painting instructions for the blue jay, northern cardinal, Baltimore oriole, and the rose-breasted grosbeak. Plus, carver Tom Baldwin presents an all-new demonstration on how to create an American robin.

If you enjoy watching the birds that visit your feeder and flit around your yard, you’ll really love creating life-like versions with wood and paint.

Inside are complete carving and painting instructions for these birds:

            American robin by Tom Baldwin

            Blue jay by Jerry Simchuck

            Baltimore oriole by Tom Park—includes habitat instructions!

            Northern cardinal by Jeff Rechin

            Rose-breasted grosbeak by Bob Lavender

Each project includes start-to-finish instructions and comes with a pattern. 112 pages, softback.