Arbortech Power Chisel (PCH300)

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The Arbortech Power Chisel combines power and control to give you the smoothest and quickest chisel action possible. The Arbortech Power Chisel is designed to easily attach to most 4" and 4 1/2" angle grinders or it can be purchased pre-assembled either on an imported grinder or a top of the line, name brand grinder. For the tradesman or the weekend woodworker, the Power Chisel is designed to give you greater power and accuracy because both hands are used to guide the tool through the cut. Even the hardest woods are no problem as the angle grinder motor drives this tool with plenty of power. The chisels are only activated when pressed into the workpiece, making the Power Chisel an extremely safe tool. A full range of chisels are available, making the Power Chisel a great choice for the serious woodworker. The Power Chisel Kit includes the attachment, lubricating oil and 2 chisels (3/4" flat chisel and 3/4" #7 gouge). If you are purchasing the attachment please call to ensure that the Power Chisel will fit onto your grinder.