1 3/8" DHK Detail Carving Knife

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The DHK knives are made in the deep hollers of Eastern Tennessee.  The blade is made from a premium steel that is hardened to about 60R and holds an amazing edge (one of the best blades we have used!). The handles are made from beautiful Eastern Red Cedar and ergonomically shaped to fit most hands. The 1 3/8" DH Detail Knife has a 1 3/8" blade with a 5 1/4" handle. Handle colors vary.

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    DHK 1 3/8 Detail knife

    Posted by Michael McHugh on May 15th 2023

    Have not used yet. But judging from the other DHK knives that I got from Treeline I'm going to love this just as much.

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    Great Blade

    Posted by Brandon on Mar 15th 2023

    Blade is great. Makes a worthy upgrade from flexcut or beavercraft. First one sent to me had a small chip. I emailed the company and within 24 hrs they had a replacement shipped. Great customer service. I now own 2 DHK knives.

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    DHK 1 3/8 carving knife

    Posted by John Porea on Mar 6th 2023

    Great knife, better than the OCC knives I own. Handle fits very nicely & more importantly, the sharpness is fantastic,

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    Great knives, outstanding service

    Posted by Michael Leer on Jan 10th 2023

    These are great knives. They come sharp and ready for use. The steel is excellent and holds an edge well. I'm confident the steel will hold up long-term. The handle is fairly large without being too bulky. I do get some variations in the handle but you can easily shape wood to your specifications. I have larger hands so I like having bigger handles, plus it's better to have a bigger handle that you can shape down than a smaller handle. More on variations later.

    The only downside is in the variations. As I understand it they are attempting a new system to make more knives than they previously could make. As they adapt to this new system some knives end up with flaws. This could explain any negative issues that anyone has.

    Let me tell you about the customer service. They are outstanding, both here at Treeline USA and at DHK. I ended up with a knife that was a little boxy in the handle, no big deal because you can carve or sand wood handles. I also ended up chipping the blade which was really disappointing. I contacted Treeline USA and got an immediate response, then contacted DHK and got an immediate response. I expected resistance and prepared to make my case and send pictures. DHK just apologized and said that's not the quality they make and immediately sent me another knife at no cost to me.

    I can't speak for them or guarantee anything but if you end up with a defect or you're unhappy with your knife I'm confident that they will make it right. That confidence makes it much easier to choose a knife. Give this knife a shot, if you get a flaw in your knife just reach out to them. I'm going to get more knives from them in the future and will be recommending them to anyone seeking recommendations.

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    Posted by Jav on Dec 23rd 2022

    I have the 1 inch and 1 1/2 and both knives are great, both have a thick handle and the blades came sharp and have a comfortable feel when using them. This one I just purchase is not as comfortable, the handle is not as thick and thins down as you get closer to the blade. The blade is also not straight to the grip of the handle just doesn't feel right when making cuts. Probably won't ever use again.

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    Really good knife

    Posted by Stephen Ashmead on Jul 24th 2022

    My adult daughter expressed an interest in carving so I wanted to get her set up with a basic knife. I love the OCC knives, but they have been hard to come by. When I talked to PJ, he recommended this knife for my daughter and I bought myself one to try. Very impressed. It felt good in my hand. the blade was very sharp, flat grind from package with only a need for honing. Overall, an excellent knife.